Nuclear, explosion-proof and radiation-proof products

There are enough nuclear weapons in the world to destroy the human race dozens of times. And the technology to develop nuclear weapons is being spread around the world. In addition, there are many nuclear power plants around the world, and there is no guarantee that some of them will not melt down due to disasters, accidents, or terrorism. We believe that it is necessary to have technology to protect people’s lives from such “man-made disasters” created by humans. Among the developed countries, Japan is the only country that has almost no nuclear shelters. It must be said that Japan is a “technologically backward country” in this field. Looking at the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, we must not forget that this is a situation that could happen very soon.

Above-ground/underground shelters (Mirai wo Sodoru Co., Ltd.)
Anti-CBRN Filter (Mirai wo Sousei Co., Ltd.)
Small/Medium Shelter (Nitto Corporation + Association for Sustainable Technology for Disaster Mitigation)
Large Nuclear Shelter (Nitto Corporation + Sustainable Technology Association for Disaster Mitigation)
Above-ground / Underground Shelters (Creating the Future Inc.)

We manufacture nuclear shelters made of reinforced concrete, just like the ones used around the world. There are two types of shelters: the economical “above-ground type” and the full-scale “underground type. The advantage of this type of shelter is that it can be customized in any shape according to the customer’s site and preference. It is also a multi-evacuation shelter for all kinds of disasters such as tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, typhoons, fires, mudslides, etc. It is expected to protect life and property in any hard environment. The inside of the shelter is equipped with a high performance radiation filter made in Israel.

CBRN Countermeasure Filter (Creating the Future Co., Ltd.)

Israeli-made anti-CBRN filter for radioactive, biological and chemical weapons. Officially adopted by NATO. Introduced in over 60 countries. No.1 market share. Protects people’s lives not only from radiation, but also from nerve gases such as VX gas, tear gas, biotoxins, and other toxic gases.

Small and medium-sized shelters (Nitto Corporation + Association for Sustainable Technology for Disaster Mitigation)

The basic concept of this shelter is the same as that of the aforementioned “Creating the Future” reinforced concrete shelter, and it also shares the same multi-disaster response. The only difference is that it uses the PC concrete method, which is manufactured in a factory and assembled on site. The only difference is that it is manufactured in a factory and assembled on site using the PC concrete method, which differs from the conventional method in that it can be mass-produced in a short period of time. By connecting boxes cut into rings, it is possible to respond to various variations, from small 3m long to medium 9m long.

Large-scale Nuclear Shelter (Nittoh + Association for Sustainable Technology for Disaster Mitigation, Inc.)

This is the world’s only “commercially available large-scale nuclear shelter. It can be built in a short period of time in school grounds, hospitals, and parking lots of condominiums, and is expected to spread as a highly public nuclear shelter. It is also suitable for urban residential areas (under parks), etc., where it is not possible to build a nuclear shelter at home due to the narrow housing conditions in Japan.