Earthquake protection products

Japan is an island nation sitting on four continental plates, and it is said that 30% of all earthquakes in the world occur in Japan. In addition to the earthquakes with disaster names such as the “Tokyo metropolitan earthquake” and the “Nankai trough earthquake” that are predicted to occur in the near future, we must also be aware of the huge earthquakes in the Sea of Japan. We must also take measures to reduce secondary and tertiary disasters, such as tsunamis, landslides, and induced fires and floods.

WPC Housing (Hyakunen Housing Corporation)
Tuscal Beds (Fujiwara Industrial Co., Ltd.)
Volcanic eruption countermeasures (Fujiwara Industrial Co., Ltd.)
WPC Housing (Hyakunen Jutaku Co., Ltd.)

We have built houses using a concrete construction method called WPC. The houses boast an astonishing performance of “no collapse” in any past earthquake or tsunami. In Japan, which is a country with a history of earthquakes, WPC is sure to attract more and more attention in the future.

TASUKARU BED (Fujiwara Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Without rebuilding or reinforcing your home with the latest earthquake-resistant materials, you can protect your life from building collapse simply by installing the beds in your current home. You never know when and where an earthquake will strike. It is important to be prepared for earthquakes when you are asleep or even bedridden. There is also a “normal” type and a “reinforced” type for mudslides

Volcanic Eruption Countermeasures (Fujiwara Industrial Co., Ltd.)

This is the world’s only method of combating volcanic eruptions with technology. To reduce the damage caused by volcanic eruptions, a hole is drilled into the volcano to reduce the internal pressure. There are two methods: the FM volcanic gas venting method and the FM magma venting method. The former is feasible with modern civil engineering technology. The former is at a level that is feasible with modern civil engineering technology, and is expected to be a special remedy for the eruption of Mt.