Why don’t you rent an “earthquake generator”?


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It was 2:46 p.m. on March 11, 2011. Suddenly, it shook. The Great East Japan Earthquake claimed a great number of lives. Ten years have passed since then. Although the awareness of disaster prevention has been increasing, the biggest problem with earthquakes is that people get upset and panic. Let’s experience an earthquake firsthand and prepare ourselves for the “emergency”. Have you ever heard of a device called a “seismic wheel”? An earthquake simulation vehicle is a vehicle that allows you to experience the shaking of an earthquake. It can be driven by itself, so you can actually experience an earthquake anywhere in Japan. It is also used for disaster prevention events in various places.

There are five benefits of the earthquake simulation vehicle. (1) You can experience the tremors of each seismic intensity level, from seismic intensity 1 to 7. (2) It can reproduce the shaking of the Great East Japan Earthquake. (3) Reproduces shaking similar to that of an actual earthquake without the influence of vehicle suspension. (4) The effects of the CG images projected on the large LCD screen provide a realistic earthquake experience. The earthquake generator can be installed both indoors and outdoors as long as a power supply is available.

 The earthquake generator can be installed indoors or outdoors as long as power is available. Please contact us for details. Rental fee [1 day: 2 staff members] 195,000 yen (tax not included) – *Transportation, accommodation, and transportation costs for multiple days and distant locations will be quoted separately. For inquiries, please contact: Association for Sustainable Technology for Disaster Mitigation Secretariat TEL: 03-4500-8541 (Please contact the “Inquiries” section of this website)  MAIL: info@ssmartace.or.jp