Tsunami, flood and water surge prevention products

People cannot live apart from water.
However, even a slight increase in the volume of water can easily destroy people’s lives. For this reason, flood control works such as “seawalls” are indispensable. But even if you build miles of solid walls on the soft, moving earth, there will always be a failure somewhere.
It is difficult to prevent everything from happening by itself. This is why we need supplementary items to protect people. This is where tsunami evacuation towers and shelters come in.

The technologies introduced here are based on our experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The technologies introduced here have been carefully selected by those of us who experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and felt that they were truly effective.

Tsunami evacuation tower (Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
Lifeboat (Mizuno Marine Co., Ltd.)
Floating Shelter (Onoda Sangyo Co., Ltd.)
Submersible Fixed Shelter (Nitto Corporation and ResCube, LLC)
Floating Shelter (Starlite Industries)
Penthouse Type Shelter (Hyakunen Jutaku Co., Ltd.)
FRP Watertight Housing (Japan FRP Co., Ltd.)
Waterproof Shutter (Sanwa Shutter Corp.)

Tsunami Evacuation Tower (Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.)

A pioneer in tsunami evacuation towers. The company also manufactures Japan’s largest tsunami evacuation tower. Its powerful and beautiful form is distinctly different from others. The president is a rare genius inventor. He holds a number of patents. For more information, please visit the official website.


Lifeboats (Mizuno Marine Corporation)

Mizuno Marine is a company that originally manufactures lifeboats for passenger ships. It is the only lifeboat with an engine that can return to the ship by itself. It is also packed with the know-how of a ship manufacturer, such as its unsinkable structure that prevents water from entering even if a hole is made. For more information, please visit the official website.


Floating Shelter (Onoda Sangyo Co., Ltd.)

The combination of styrene foam and polyurea resin has created a lightweight and strong shelter. The main purpose is for everyday use, but the performance as a shelter is perfect. For more information, please visit the official website.


Surfacing type shelter car (Starlite Industries)

This product solves the problem of space for shelters. The concept of protecting not only human lives but also cars is very unique. The significance of being able to use a car even after a disaster is very great. You can secure an emergency power source and keep warm. Once the roads are open, we can evacuate to distant places.


Penthouse-type shelter (Hyakunen Jutaku Co., Ltd.)

This is a type of tsunami shelter that uses a penthouse that opens out onto the roof of a house. The company’s own houses can be used as evacuation shelters. The company’s WPC concrete houses can be rebuilt at a lower cost than ordinary houses because the outer shell is not washed away.


FRP Watertight Platform (Japan F.R.P. Corp.)

Levitating watertight plate made of FRP. No power source is required because it uses buoyancy. There is no risk of malfunction. It automatically rises in the middle of the night, making it ideal for offices at night. Also known as the “sleeping watch.


Waterproof Shutter(Sanwa Shutter Corp.)

One of the largest manufacturers of fittings in Japan. The only company in the world that has developed waterproof shutters that resist tsunamis.
The company has developed the world’s only tsunami-resistant waterproof shutter, which can be used at subway entrances where conventional waterproof doors are too narrow. Of course, the company also offers a wide range of waterproof doors.


The world’s only submergible fixed type tsunami shelter (Nitto Corporation, ResCube Corporation)

The world’s only submersible fixed tsunami shelter. The structure is made of PC concrete. The structure is made of PC concrete, so it is a multi-role type that can meet all the requirements of typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, mudslides, and pyroclastic flows. It can also be used as a nuclear shelter if a radioactive air purifier is attached.

For more information about the above products, please visit the websites of each company or contact the Association.