Volcanic eruption countermeasure products

Japan is one of the most volcanic countries in the world, with several volcanoes on a scale that would plunge the world into an ice age and destroy the human race. The cycle of a catastrophic caldera eruption is about once every 10,000 years…7300 years have already passed since the last one. That day could be 2,000 years from now, or it could be tomorrow. For the history of the earth, 2000 years is a margin of error. If we can see the certainty of our demise, we can’t just sit back and watch it happen. We must start taking measures now for our descendants a thousand years from now. As a first step, we are proposing various measures.

Volcanic gas venting method and magma venting method (Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.) 
Other Concepts

The world’s only volcanic gas venting method” and the “magma venting method”, which directly drains magma, are concepts that directly challenge mountains! There are two ways to prevent steam explosions by making a hole in the volcano. The former is feasible with modern civil engineering technology. The former is feasible with modern civil engineering technology, and is expected to be a special remedy for eruptions of Mt.

Other Concepts

Unlike snow, volcanic ash has a very high specific gravity, and if wet, as little as 30cm of ash can collapse a wooden house. If a catastrophic caldera eruption occurs, more than half of Japan’s land area will be buried under 50cm of ash, and the survival rate will be hopeless.
PC concrete shelters and concrete houses are indispensable to prevent the collapse of houses. We must also prepare for the “mega-float concept” to comfortably house the evacuees.